State of the Net 2013

Dave Clingerman W6OAL & Wayne Heinen NØPOH

I’d like to wish a very Happy New Year to all our net members and hope that we can add many more to our roster in the New Year. Our net reports indicate we have been averaging 20+ check-ins a Monday evening session over the past year with many a newcomer joining us. The cold and snow of the Winter months, as it usually does, will improve our propagation (or reduce our noise) so that with modest equipment it is possible to copy the DX on our Monday evening net (144.220 at 8 PM Mountain Time). The DX N, E, S & W has been K7TNT – Gillett, WY (DN74), NØLL – Smith Center, KS (EM09), WDØBQM – Mitchell, NE and WAØSIK – Jefferson, CO (DM79). Not too much from the south of us except Ed N5JEH in Albuquerque on occasion.
If you have comments on how the net might be made better or how we can increase participation please submit your ideas on-the-air or in writing to your net control stations or to me ( Something that was recently brought up by Dave – WØEDW/KØMLM was the possibility of, after the Monday evening net, creating a gathering of folks that would like to broach technical topics. Some folks like to have technical discussions, others don’t although there is a degree of “technical talk” during our weekly activity nights (222.1 MHz and above) for which many that would like to participate just don’t have the equipment. So, this is something that we can put into play in the 2013. Maybe a Monday evening “tech – net” would supply info on just how easy it is to get on the higher bands.
The RMVHF+ Beacons (144.282, 432.360 & 1296.225 MHz) are once again active from a new location at 10,000 feet in Como, CO. A great big thanks to Russ – WØTTT for letting us put the beacons in one of the rooms of his guest house on his 200+ acre cattle ranch which is just about the geological center of Colorado. Each beacon runs ~30 W to a 2M Big Wheel antenna via a tri-plexer. Most everyone should be able to copy them if not along the Front Range then just a bit east of there. Plans are to have our 222.055 beacon back on the air this year. RMVHF+ has taken on the support of the Colorado 6M beacon (50.065) KAØCDN/B (ex-WØIJR/B). Karen will eventually file for her late husband’s call WØIJR and once again the Colorado Beacon will sport the call sign “WØIJR/B” The beacon runs 50 W to an old and reliable Hy Gain omni at about 30 feet in DM79OS.
Our activity nights are posted on our web site along with articles and local things of interest. Articles are certainly welcome so if you have something please submit it Wayne – NØPOH ( for editing and publishing.
Our RMVHF+ certificate program is still in effect for such as Worked All Colorado (grids) on the various bands (VHF and above) and participation in the various VHF contests throughout the year. Check our website for details.
We hope that all those who have participated in past years will continue to do so in 2013 and that you will invite and encourage your friends to join us on Monday’s at 8 PM Mountain time on 144.220 MHz for the Rocky Mountain VHF+ Net