Springtime for Mobiling!

And with it comes 2 meter mobiling, roving, road trips, mountain toping, etc…

Are you ready for it? The Olde Antenna Lab has embarked on a second series of the famous 2M OAL Flat Halo’s. The first series of 25 were sold out in a couple of months and have been the candidate of a considerable number of requests for a further batch to be manufactured.

The first 25 discerning 2M mobile operators have showered OAL with rave reviews. Such as; mobiling in the Denver Area and carrying on a conversation with a station in Nebraska using 50 watts on Single Sideband (SSB).Or, mobile to mobile QSO’s between Cheyenne, WY and Trinidad, CO. Try that on FM, even with the assistance of repeaters!

Those of you not familiar with the OAL Flat Halo need to be made aware of the breakthrough in 2M mobile Omni-directional, horizontally polarized antenna design. The philosophy of design was centered on a minimum amount of metal in the vertical plane in an effort to reduce man-made noise on receive. The radiating element is 1” wide in an effort to broadband the device but only 1/8” thick. Sure, the OAL Flat Halo covers the entire 2M band (144 to 148 MHz) with reasonable VSWR so one, if so desired, can talk to the “boxes on the hills” due to their great sensitivity which -22 dB of cross polarization fairly much negates.

Due to the flatness of the radiating/receiving element the antenna is quite aerodynamic in that it doesn’t whistle in the wind – even at 125 MPH, at which it has been tested, it remains very quiet. Most horizontal Omni’s employ a lossy Gamma capacitor in their matching scheme, The OAL Flat Halo does not. The Gamma arm is attached directly to the active element also making the structure totally DC grounded – this in itself helps to bleed off any built up of static that results in noise on receive.

BTW, this antenna is, for the most part, “Wife Approved” for the family vehicle as it is not obtrusive and barely noticeable to the average citizen or onlooker. It won’t become detached from the vehicle even when a ‘semi’ doing 100 MPH goes past in the opposite direction on the highway, due to the fact that the mag-mount is a killer, 5”, neodymium magnet.

Come join the fun of 2M mobiling with an OAL 2M Flat Halo. Contact :Dave W6OAL or ArtCraftElectronics for further details.