Grid Square Information

Need Help finding your grid square?  We’ll try to provide some information / links for you to do so here.  Know of some sites not listed?  Let us know!  e-mail RMVHF+: Email Webmaster

Colorado Grid Squares

RMVHF+ member Bob, K0NR has a neat page for finding the grids located in Colorado. Click here to go direct:

Find your grid

AMSAT  converts LAT/LON to Grid or from Grid to LAT/LON.

ARRL website will get you a general idea of a grid (and several other nifty locators) based upon City / State.

Convert Lat/Lon to a grid square

N9SSA’s website Enter your Lat and Lon and get back a grid square.

Download WinGrid an application that converts Lat/Lon data to grids