Phil W6HCC New F-150 Gear

Here are some pix of the new F150 Systems. The units in the rack are the exciters/PA for: Bottom unit is the x-band transverter. The next unit is the tri -band plugin exciter for 2-3-5 ghz. Above that is the 10W 2304 PA, then the 100W 902 PA. Main system rack. 902 plugin installed, 2304 plugin lower left. The top panel is the control distribution panel. It routes control from the master controller in the x-band exciter to each unit.

The dish head shows the G5500 rotor on the winch controlled lift. The green box is the antenna T/R relay and preamp. The preamp can be changed for each band that does not have a preamp at the dish head.,

The small rack under the deck is the power rack. It has +24, -24 volt converters which run on 12 v for travel (ovens etc.). The top deck is +24 @ 14A, -24 @ 5A and +13.6 at 27A. These are 115vAC supplies which run on the Honda motor generator. When the AC supplies are on, they shut down the DC converters and switch the power to AC supplies. The top transverter is 1296.