Digital Meteor Scatter – WSJT

by Wayne Heinen N0POH

The WSJT application has two really good operating protocols for 6 meters and above.  FSK 441 and ISCAT. I have prepared a narrated Power Point that is downloadable and can walk you through the hardware, software, configuration and actual operation of both these modes.  The file is in in ppsx format and is quite large (29.75 mb) .  Simply unzip it and leave the small .wav file with the ppsx and it should run fine. If you would just like to view the slides you can download a pdf of the slide (2.86 mb).

Get the PowerPoint

Get the Slides as a pdf

Below are some of the Web Resources that I used to learn how to use WSJT and Joe Taylor’s site were the latest version can be found.

K1JT’s Web Site

The W S J T Group Official Page

Using WSJT for EME

Ping Jockey Message Board

Make More Miles on VHF

High Speed Meteor Scatter