uWAVE E-Mail Reflector

RMVHF+ has a new e-mail reflector! This is designed to serve our members who are interested in operating on the microwave bands. This mailing list is for discussion and interaction between members and friends of Rocky Mountain VHF+, a regional association of Amateur Radio operators interested in CW/SSB WEAK SIGNAL WORK on the bands above 432 MHz. The group is located in the Rocky Mountain region and surrounding states, so please try to limit discussions here to ones noteworthy to this region. If you have any questions or requests for help concerning this list Contact us.

A few reminders:

– Use descriptive SUBJECT lines when sending e-mail, as a courtesy to all recipients
– Avoid personal attacks or flame wars.
– Refrain from sending off-topic messages.

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To post information/questions to the list, mail to uWave@rmvhf.org

All emails that go through the uWave Reflector are automatically archived they may be views at: uWave Info Page