Deep Space Exploration Society 1296 MHz in September

July 28, 2014

On Sunday 20 July 2014, noon local time the Deep Space Exploration Society activated the 60 foot dish at Haswell, CO (east of Pueblo) on 1296.100 MHz. This location has been renamed the Paul Plishner Radio Astronomy and Space Sciences Center. The group worked many RMVHF+ operators including Dave W6OAL, Dennis KK0Q, Bill K0RZ and […]

K5PJR Beacon

July 19, 2014

TheK5PJR1296MHzpropagationBeacon Here’s a nice little article complete with photos on Tony’s 1296 beacon in Harrison Arkansas.

New Articles for your enjoyment!

June 27, 2014

Been awhile since we’ve added any contact… Under Tech Topics Antennas we have a new presentation by Don WA9WWS on solving a problem in tracking EOSS balloons. The article details the development of a vertical loop  Dave W6OAL has penned an article to help get you on 222 the 1.35 meter band and other higher […]

1296 Comes Alive

January 24, 2014

Thursday is the activity night on 1296… This band is becoming more popular on the front range as each week finds more people joining the roundtable.  January 23 found Dave W6OAL, Mark AB0CW, Don N0YE, Joe KE5SO, Steve WA0TQG, Dennis KK0Q and Wayne N0POH.  Interesting band as most everyone is bouncing off of Longs Peak […]

222.050 Beacon Returns

October 3, 2013

Big thanks to Fred WA0SIK!  The W0TTT/B at South Park DM79ch is back on the air…

Flat Halo Antennas

April 2, 2013

Dave W6OAL has penned a new article on the philosophy behind the design of the OAL Flat halo.  It’s Under Tech Topics and Antenna.  Check it out!