New Content

March 21, 2012

Check out the Spring Sprints listed in April and May on our Calendar Thanks to Bill W7QQ for info on New Mexico!  Under about you’ll find the Activity Nights and Nets Tech Topics – Operating – Digital Meteor Scatter – WSJT  a page containing a Downloadable Power Point, as presented at HamCon2011 in Taos NM […]

RMVHF+ 2012 State of the Net

January 2, 2012

Dave Clingerman W6OAL           Starting off with a big Happy New Year to all of you net members and would-be net members. Remember you are a net member by virtue of the fact that you live in the Rocky Mountain Region and have checked into the Monday night 2M net at least once (144.220 USB, […]

A Happy Camper

December 12, 2011

“I have enjoyed reading your website, especially your guidance on building UHF/VHF antennas. I am trying to build some for myself and found your site very helpful!”  73, Mike W6QT/DU3″ Every once in a while someone makes all our efforts to make a quality site.  Thanks for your kind words Mike! 73 Wayne and […]

Weak Signal Activity on the Front Range

November 23, 2011

Looking for weak signal activity on the Front Range!  Try 8 AM Mountain Time on 144.200 most mornings for round robin rag chew and a new net out of Cheyenne N7NMY Bob starts it at 7 PM Mountain Time on Wednesdays  on  144.215 MHz

Rocky Mountain VHF+

October 24, 2011

The Rocky Mountain VHF+ Website is now in Word Press.   This unique program has allowed me to come up with a very quick and easy was to add content to the site, rearrange content in a logical manner and hopefully make the site more useful to all. My thanks to John Maxwell WØVG for turning […]

Beacon Update

October 21, 2011

RMVHF+ Group Members,     On or about 9 September 2011 Fred – WAØSIK and I met with Russ – WØTTT at the Como restaurant in the thriving metropolis of Como, CO. Had a nice lunch in the homey old restaurant and discussed what we had for beacons and got a feel for Russ’s desires on how to […]